avacal is a disabled veteran engineering services firm located in Huntsville, Alabama. Our focus is simple: to provide quality engineering services for your company's needs and to provide jobs for highly-specialized veterans. Founded by three engineers, each with over 20 years of military and industry experience, avacal specializes in delivering ingenuity-based solutions for our customers.

Our engineers have a broad range of professional experience including working relationships with the US Army, US Marine Corps, Space and Missile Defense Command, Army Forces Strategic Command, Missile Defense Agency, National Aeronautics, and Space Administration

KEEN Management Model

KnowledgeExperienceEngineering and Network 

These things are essential to a secure and efficient network. That is why avacal has developed the KEEN management model. KEEN seamlessly integrates the Knowledge and Experience of SMEs with the technical expertise of engineers to provide the most efficient and useful engineering solutions to our clients. Following a matrix organization model, KEEN seamlessly integrates the Knowledge and Experience of avacal SMEs with the technical expertise of our Engineers to provide the most efficient solutions to our clients using both in-house and Networked talent.

We pride ourselves on building tailored solutions and world-class outcomes, building reputation and relationships, and effecting lasting change for our clients. We want you to be 100% certain in our ability to serve your business needs. Our team works to develop and implement creative strategies, and we actively evaluate and benchmark everything we do, always endeavoring to be the most effective and efficient service provider in the industry.


Our knowledge comprises a range of strategies and practices used by avacal to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. These insights and experiences are embodied in our team and embedded in avacal's processes. As a result, our decision-making is always improving in a way collective decision-making doesn't allow. Our knowledge rises as engineers learn and as we seek methods to capture and leverage past experiences. We aim to capture explicit and tacit knowledge while enhancing avacal's overall capability set.


Some of our competitors believe in the attainment of knowledge only, while undervaluing the importance of practical experience. At avacal we believe that having knowledge is indicative of having information, but in order to develop the expertise people have to do things practically. The combination of our knowledge and practical experience is one of our most valuable assets. Our knowledge and experience as a firm have always been closely related. In fact, without knowledge we may not have gained such great practical experience over the years. But in the absence of practical experience, our knowledge and concepts cannot be strengthened. avacal strives to focus on experiences that comes through experiments and doing things practically. Gaining valuable experience and maintaining a roster of hungry engineers that constantly seek new opportunities ensures our continued maturity as a company.


avacal engineers and cyber experts create and execute proven processes that satisfy customer's needs in a high quality, trustworthy, cost efficient and schedule compliant manner. We integrate established engineering concepts with evolving cyber principles and strategies to help stakeholders identify vulnerabilities, investigate alternatives, integrate our solutions, and monitor system performance with follow-on support. We save time and cut costs by performing all of our functions in a parallel and iterative manner as opposed to the usual sequential technique.


Networking and building relationships through our employees is one of our most important business strategies. Every member of the avacal team is an ambassador for our brand and is committed to expanding and protecting that brand. We encourage our team members to communicate openly about our capabilities and command a strong, positive presence in work environments to help build strong relationships with customers and other companies. avacal is united around the idea of communication, sharing, creating and developing ideas for our customers while establishing connections, providing advice, and cultivating collaboration with other partners in our industry.