At avacal, we believe that good is the enemy of great and we have no desire to be like anyone else. A team of incredible people with an intense passion for what we do is what makes us unique. Consider our services for all your company's cybersecurity and engineering needs.

Our engineers have a broad range of professional experience including working relationships with the US Army, US Marine Corps, Space and Missile Defense Command, Army Forces Strategic Command, Missile Defense Agency, National Aeronautics, and Space Administration.


avacal offers IT & Cybersecurity services to prevent your sensitive data from being at risk to security threats. We know that cybersecurity is critical, so we aim to help your company with all its IT needs.

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Network Design

avacal knows that custom businesses need custom networks. That is why our network design and implementation services begin with a comprehensive needs analysis to ensure that we take care of your specific networking needs.

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Systems Engineering

Experienced professionals maximize system quality through our systems engineering process in a work environment that fosters creativity. They provide a reliable system that will work for your company.

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Acquisition & Program Management

avacal is a trusted acquisition and programmatic advisor to senior leadership and program managers.

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Systems Design & Integration

Technology is ever-changing, so keep your IT system updated through our systems design & integration approach. avacal understands the technical challenges inherent in integrating different subsystems with each other.

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Data Management

avacal's data management service provides a secure platform where data can be acquired, validated, stored, and processed for our customers.

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