Systems Design & Integration

As IT systems mature and new systems come online, there are frequent needs to integrate systems with one another. avacal possesses extensive knowledge in network and systems engineering understands the technical challenges inherent in integrating different subsystems with each other.

Our systems integration approach goes hand-in-hand with our systems design approach; we first seek to understand the mechanics of all systems involved, as well as their business purpose and use cases. Then to build that foundation, we apply technical and process-oriented approaches to integrating subsystems into a single unified, streamlined system for increased efficiency.

avacal developers embrace the complexity of hardware, software, and hardware/software integration that arises from the convergence of enhanced functionality in devices and systems.

Hardware and software innovation continues to progress at a neck-breaking speed. Meanwhile, the development methodology that combines hardware and software is lagging behind. We have discovered that sequential development, with software development waiting for available hardware, fails to deliver quality products within the version cycles and season market windows that rules the technology space today.

Therefore, we continuously invest in the evolution of our time-saving, cost-effective methods while improving quality across our solutions to better integrate and thoroughly test new products. avacal engineers use fully functional software models of systems under development and execute unmodified production code to develop, integrate, test, and analyze software far in advance of hardware availability.